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Photography …. what it means to me - Pt 2

My Education

When I became a mother in 2005, I started taking more photos than ever, I had a small point and shoot and my aim was to document my daughter's every moment, which I did! (I have 25,000 photos.) I would say I was unhappy with 90% of them. Then before I know it, she's off to school, and I have more time so I decided to investigate the DSLR (remember I mentioned the internet in my last post) …..

Me and Google:

1. “Best DSLR for beginners.”

2. “How to use DSLR for beginners.”

3. “Free courses for DSLR for beginners.”

4. “Online courses for DSLR for beginners.”

5. “Courses for DSLR for beginners.”

This took me months but I found out everything I needed to know about how to learn photography in the new millennium. This resulted in borrowing a friend’s camera and eventually purchasing a Nikon D5100.

I started with online courses, books and following blogs. I started to share some photos on Facebook and found a friend of mine who had also just bought a DSLR (she went Canon though!) and wanted to learn too. We needed to go right back to basics and this is when we found Glenn Tillyard. We booked a beginners course and have never looked back.

I did the following courses with Glenn

· Beginners

· Portrait

· Intermediate


· Landscape & Birds

· Night & Lowlight

· Lightroom

· Flash

Stan had been into photography for a few years by this time but he was self taught so he joined the learning journey with me and our passion for photography grew the more we learned and practiced.

How Blossom & Stan were founded will be in my next blog post …..

Love Blossom x

This photo was taken in December 2005 and is a very good example of the 90% of the 25,000!