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by Blossom ....... & Stan

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Our target for our second year was one client a month and we smashed it with 17 bookings.

We started the year with a birthday party for 90-year-old Edna, in the spring we had Andy’s 50th birthday and in the summer, we shot Michele’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

We photographed three beautiful weddings, Sarah & Andy’s in our hometown of Hitchin, Emma & Luke’s a bit further afield and Jo & Rich’s in a castle in Bulgaria. All were very memorable and a privilege to be asked to do.

We covered two events at Hitchin Town Hall: The Masquerade Ball in October and Hitchin’s Alternative Carols just the other week.

We were fortunate to be asked to update the headshots for HRJ Foreman Laws and produce a more contemporary look for their website in 2018. On the hottest day of the year back in June we photographed Triumph Fitness during one of their outdoor sessions with Stan filming from above with his drone.

The summer was also an opportunity to shoot the beautiful Evie and her friends before their School Prom and the Noble family who won a prize with us for a family session.

Towards the end of the year we were asked to capture the shenanigans at two 18th birthday parties. Lots of photos of fun, beauty and youth!

They say never work with animals or children but we enjoyed both this year. We did 5 family shoots, some indoor and some out in nature. You never know how it’s going to turn out but we keep shooting and capture the natural fun.

We are so grateful to everyone who has booked us this year and to those who have supported us and shared our stories. We are looking forward to 2018 with some new events and ideas.

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Happy New Year!

Love from Blossom & Stan x

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My Education

When I became a mother in 2005, I started taking more photos than ever, I had a small point and shoot and my aim was to document my daughter's every moment, which I did! (I have 25,000 photos.) I would say I was unhappy with 90% of them. Then before I know it, she's off to school, and I have more time so I decided to investigate the DSLR (remember I mentioned the internet in my last post) …..

Me and Google:

1. “Best DSLR for beginners.”

2. “How to use DSLR for beginners.”

3. “Free courses for DSLR for beginners.”

4. “Online courses for DSLR for beginners.”

5. “Courses for DSLR for beginners.”

This took me months but I found out everything I needed to know about how to learn photography in the new millennium. This resulted in borrowing a friend’s camera and eventually purchasing a Nikon D5100.

I started with online courses, books and following blogs. I started to share some photos on Facebook and found a friend of mine who had also just bought a DSLR (she went Canon though!) and wanted to learn too. We needed to go right back to basics and this is when we found Glenn Tillyard. We booked a beginners course and have never looked back.

I did the following courses with Glenn

· Beginners

· Portrait

· Intermediate


· Landscape & Birds

· Night & Lowlight

· Lightroom

· Flash

Stan had been into photography for a few years by this time but he was self taught so he joined the learning journey with me and our passion for photography grew the more we learned and practiced.

How Blossom & Stan were founded will be in my next blog post …..

Love Blossom x

This photo was taken in December 2005 and is a very good example of the 90% of the 25,000!

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My History

The Eighties

Photography was my passion, even before I was aware of it …..

I was a teenager in the 1980s …. Duran Duran, The Outsiders, Evelyn King, Footloose, and

rah-rah skirts. Through all of this I had a camera; the first bought from the Freeman’s catalogue for £9.99, it was plastic and the film had to be wound on manually. You never knew what you had shot until you collected the prints from the developers sometimes months later. Then you find out how many were actually blurred or taken with poor timing meaning shut eyes.

When the Kodak Disc Camera was released in 1984, I bought it. I took it everywhere. It was always in my bag … little did I know that I was way ahead with the selfies in our local nightclub. Those photos tell lots of stories that maybe would have been forgotten.

The Nineties

I bought my first SLR in Hong Kong in 1990 on my way back from my travels. I then sold it a few years later as I never used it (because it didn’t fit in my bag or pocket).

See, I had no idea HOW to create the photo, but I could SEE it. I knew what I wanted to create but didn’t know how. I remember re-creating the photos in my Berlitz travel guide whenever I was travelling.

The Noughties

I was always led to believe that I wasn’t creative and I never questioned it until being in my 40s. What is creative? Just because you cannot draw or paint doesn’t mean that you are not creative. I think creativity is different things to different people. Looking back, I have been creative all my life. Through writing, scrapbooks, collages and journals. When the digital age came I created photo books and I created my first blog in 2005 and my second in 2007.

The Twenty-tens

The internet ….. I love the internet. When I was just a kid, I used to wish that there was a huge book with all the answers. I mean, ALL the answers. I always wanted to know everything. Little did I know that I was thinking about the www. In recent years the world has become so much smaller as we use the internet to learn, entertain, share and communicate.

You can read my second blog post on Blossom’s photography journey very soon.

Love Blossom x